Destination Jewelry Brands™

Jewelry with a true sense of place

The Original Caribbean Bracelet®

A touch of the tropics, handmade in the Caribbean

We got our start over 30 years ago with this Caribbean-inspired bracelet that uses a simple hook-and-eye closure. Our collection has since grown to include hundreds of styles using the same hook concept, many with a sea or beach theme.

Destination Bracelet Collection®

A keepsake that travels with you—everywhere

Destination Jewelry

Our hook-style Destination® bracelets celebrate over 200 unique destinations in the United States and 26 in the Caribbean. Each bracelet includes elements drawn from history, geography, architecture, and nature in that specific location .

Custom Clasp Collection™

A fresh look with the change of a clasp

Custom Clasp Collecttion

Custom Clasp Collection bracelets have the same Caribbean-style design as our traditional bracelet, with a playful twist: change out the clasp, and it takes on a completely new look. Celebrate a milestone, remember a treasured vacation, or showcase a hobby—then wear something entirely different tomorrow.

Mar Azul™ by Larimar Mines™ Collection

Discover Larimar, the Gemstone of the Sea

Mar Azul

Found only in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, Larimar is also known as the Gemstone of the Sea. Its colors immediately call to mind the way the sunlight shimmers on the blue waters of the Caribbean. Our collection of designer jewelry includes eye-catching bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings—all featuring the vivid blue of Larimar.

About Destination Jewelry Brands

Founded in 1992, Destination Jewelry Brands has over 30 years of experience in creating jewelry that tells a story. We supply jewelers in the U.S., the Caribbean, and around the world with inventive pieces that reflect their customers’ life passions.

Everything we design is intended to be a treasured keepsake that evokes memories of an extraordinary location or experience. We partner with our retailers to create unique designs that make your store stand out from the competition.

Bring Destination Jewelry Brands™
to your jewelry store

The Destination you love

If you’re a jeweler in the United States, the Caribbean, or points beyond, Destination Jewelry Brands would love to welcome you to the family. We regularly work with our customers to create pieces exclusive to their store, and we offer a wide range of marketing materials to ensure consistent sales.