Mar Azul™ by Larimar Mines™

The Gemstone of the Caribbean

Blue water memories of the Caribbean in Designer Larimar

Over 50 years ago, artisan Miguel Mendez traveled to the Bahoruco mountains in the southwestern Dominican Republic. After finding an intensely blue gemstone on a beach, he worked his way upstream until he found a site where the stone could be mined.

Mendez called it “Larimar,” joining the first syllable of his daughter Larissa’s name with the Spanish word mar, meaning sea. One look at a Larimar stone and you’ll immediately understand why: the undulating blue hues echo the way light dances across the vivid waters of the Caribbean.

Mar Azul™: Fashion-Forward Jewelry With a Larimar Twist

Our Mar Azul™ by Larimar Mines™ collection features great quality Larimar in a range of settings. We use a cabochon cut to showcase how the stone catches the light and glimmers, much like the clear blue waters of the Caribbean on a sunny day.

Delicate bracelets feature the high polished stones set within sterling silver links, or cut into the shape of flower petals, or fashioned into statement pieces that are inspired by classic jewelry making technique. The collection also incorporates the stone into pendants, rings, and earrings. Slip a round pendant adorned with silver hibiscus flowers onto a chain, or go bold with a cocktail ring featuring a single large stone.

Designer jewelry at an affordable price

Our Mar Azul™ collection was created with budget-conscious yet fashion-forward shoppers in mind. Mar Azul(™ by Larimar Mines™ is the ideal way to attract new customers to your store and get them started on their designer jewelry journey. Coordinating pieces across the collection offer an opportunity for add-on selling.